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Mr. M. Noorul Quader is considered by many to be the father of Bangladesh’s 100% export-oriented ready-made garments (RMG) industry.

Owing to his innovation, Desh Garments Ltd. has contributed significantly to both the social and economic development of Bangladesh.

Mr. Quader was a visionary. A maverick.

Almost singlehandedly, he built an entire industry in Bangladesh while he was building his own ready-made garments manufacturing company, Desh, into the largest, most technically advanced RMG production facility on the subcontinent at the time of its inception.

By education an economist (honours from Dhaka University, higher education from Cambridge in England), Mr. Quader worked until 1974 as a civil servant.

As Secretary to the Government of Bangladesh, he headed several ministries including Establishment Division of Cabinet Affairs, Communication, Railways, Shipping, Waterways, Airways, and others.

Mr. Quader was also the founder and chairman of Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation, the country’s official tourism organization.

Key Accomplishments of Mr M. Noorul Quader:
  • Established Desh Group of Companies in 1974
  • Pioneered the 100% export-oriented RMG industry in Bangladesh
  • Formed Desh Garments Ltd. in 1978 jointly with Daewoo of South Korea and imported garments-making technology from same
  • Facilitated both the technical and marketing training of 130 young men and women at Daewoo’s South Korea factory
  • Devised the back-to-back letter of credit system, a non-funded financing mechanism based on a three-way commitment among bank, factory and buyer, for the financing of raw materials
  • Persuaded the Bangladeshi government to create a special duty-free bonded warehouse system, which grants duty-free imports to 100% export-oriented industries