Process Engineering :

Entire plants for the thermal process engineering s1Jch as crystallization, drying, cooling, and SSP (Solid State Polycondensat.ion) , inc111ding designing, man11fact11ring, and mounting for further processing and/or refining of plastics, e.g.

- polyethyleneterephthalate (PET) ;
- polyamide (PA) ;
- polyethylene (PE) ;
- polypropylene (PP) ;
- copolymere etc.

Manufacturing program:
Flour Mills
Feed Manufacturing Systems
Plants for Coffee and Cocoa Processing as well as for Chocolate Production
Plants for Hulling Mills, the Vegetable Oil Industry and the Specialty Foods Industry
Pasta Production Plants
Plants for Malthouses and Breweries
Materials Handling and Storage Systems-Mechanical and Pneumatic Conveying Systems
Process Engineering
Conveying and Storage Systems for the Plastics Industry
Plants for Rubber and Carbon Black Processing
Chain Conveyors
Plants for Environmental Protection
Die Casting Machines and Systems
Automatic Control Systems and Industrial Electronics.





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