Plants for Malthouses and Breweries :

Engineering and manufacture of

- Complete MaltholJSeS from intake to malt dispatch .
- Entire grinding systems from malt intake to premasher .
- hops processing plants.

In particular : and pnel1matic conveyors, TAKT-SCHUB conveying systems, feeders, weighers, and grading machines, bagging and load-ol1t systems to handle barley, green malt, malt, malt rootlets, malt grist, dry spent malt, hops, screening, etc.

Additional features :

- silo bins to store barley and malt ;
- aspiration systems with air-jet filters and cyclones ;
- barley steeping and germination plants operating to various systems ;
- single-floor and two-floor kilns with l.oaders and dischargers;
- tower maltings ;
- malt degermination equipment ;
- grinding systems to handle malt and the raw grain, with and without conditioning ;
- pelleting plants to process rootlets, spent malt, p11lverized hops and screenings ;
- switch and control systems inc111ding in-process comp11ter control ;
- laboratory equipment, such as. laboratory disc mill, laboratory plansifter

Manufacturing program:
Flour Mills
Feed Manufacturing Systems
Plants for Coffee and Cocoa Processing as well as for Chocolate Production
Plants for Hulling Mills, the Vegetable Oil Industry and the Specialty Foods Industry
Pasta Production Plants
Plants for Malthouses and Breweries
Materials Handling and Storage Systems-Mechanical and Pneumatic Conveying Systems
Process Engineering
Conveying and Storage Systems for the Plastics Industry
Plants for Rubber and Carbon Black Processing
Chain Conveyors
Plants for Environmental Protection
Die Casting Machines and Systems
Automatic Control Systems and Industrial Electronics.





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