Plants for Hulling Mills, the Vegetable Oil Industry and the specialty Foods Ind1Jstry

Overall Engineering and Construction of : Complete hulling mills and specialty foods production systems from .intake to load-o11t inc11Jding mechanical and pneumatic conveyors, e .g. TAKT-SCHtJB" conveying systems , aspiration plants, a1Jtomatic scales, feeders, blending and mixing systems, laboratory equipment; with the following operations :

    -Cleaning, grading, hulling, degerming, whitening, blending and      mixing, flaking, grinding, sieving, pelleting .
   - hydrothermal treatment, such as extr1JS ion, moist11re addition,      steam-conditioning, kilning, cooking, stabilizing, drying, cooling      and roasting .
   - process automation systems or integration into existing and new      prod1J(~tion plants, incl11ding hardware, software and      measuring systems for :

  1.   rice
2.   oats
  3.   cornflakes
  4.   barley 
  5.   buckwheat
  6.   leguminou(seeds)s
  7.   (plJlses)
  8.   spices
  9.   bulgur
  10.   instant products Cont'd ...P/04

    -Processes and machines are developed and advanced at the      in- house Cereal Processing Center (the world's largest      specialized  Cereal Processing Center, available to customers      on request).

    -Production systems for dry soups, baby foods (cereal based),      soybean products, cereals, starch (dry process). Plants for      p.rocessing of oilseeds, such as soybeans, sunflower seeds,      rapeseeds, etc.

Manufacturing program:
Flour Mills
Feed Manufacturing Systems
Plants for Coffee and Cocoa Processing as well as for Chocolate Production
Plants for Hulling Mills, the Vegetable Oil Industry and the Specialty Foods Industry
Pasta Production Plants
Plants for Malthouses and Breweries
Materials Handling and Storage Systems-Mechanical and Pneumatic Conveying Systems
Process Engineering
Conveying and Storage Systems for the Plastics Industry
Plants for Rubber and Carbon Black Processing
Chain Conveyors
Plants for Environmental Protection
Die Casting Machines and Systems
Automatic Control Systems and Industrial Electronics.





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