Noorul Quader, former civil servant, industrialist and a visionary, he has been described as the "father of the Bangladesh garment industry."

The Chairman and CEO of the Group,Mr.M. Noorul Quader,by education an economist, with honors from the univesity of Dhaka and higher education from Cambridge univesity, England, was until 1974, a career civil servant. As Secretary to the Government of Bangladesh, he headed several ministries like the Establishment Division of Cabinet Affairs, Communication, Railways, Shippings, Water Ways, Airways etc.  He Was also the founder Chairman of Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation, the Tourism Corporation.

  • Established Desh Group in 1974
  • Pioneered the garments industry in Bangladesh and set up Desh Garments Ltd. in joint collaboration Daewoo Corporation of south Korea.
  • Imported garments making technology and developed human
    resources through training abroad of 130 young men and women.
  • Developed and implemented "back-to-back" Letters of Credit
    system (the non-funded financing mechanism for import of raw materials based on triangle of commitments among the bank, the factory and the buyer) in Bangladesh which, coupled with imported technology, spawned the growth of the garments to be the largest employer and the highest foreign exchange earner of the country.  For his contribution, Mr. Quader is considered to be the father of the garments industry in Bangladesh.

The enterpreneurial talents of Mr. M. Noorul quader, his business acumen, drive and initiative has made him one of the premier business leaders in the sub-continent.  The September 23rd-29th, 1989 issue of the Economist published from london, U.K. printed Mr. Quader's views and reviewed the growth and performance of the ready-made garment industry in Bangladesh.
Mr. Quader's contribution to the growth of the RMGI in Bangladesh makes him nearly inseparable from the growth of the industry. He is considered to be amongst the highest of aurhorities on the industry and some of his views were also printed in the March, 1988, issue of the Mothly news letter of the World Bank, and the July 18th, 1991 and September 5th, 1996 issues of the Far Eastern Economic Review.

Present Chairman:

Mrs. Rokeya Quader, LLB (Hons), LLM.


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