Flour Mills
Plants for processing of soft wheat, durum wheat, corn (maize), rye, barley, milo (sorghum), millet with the following operations :

- unloading, precleaning, storage ;
- cleaning ;
- grinding, sifting, p11rifying ;
- storage, blending and mixing, weighing, bulk load-out
or bagging of all finished prod11cts in bags of 20 to 100kg, pelletizing of bran ;
- degerminating of corn (maize) by dry or wet process for production of low-fat products, e.g. brewery grits and germs with high oil content.

Laboratory equipment for grain and flour tests, inc11Jding entire laboratory and pilot mills.

Plants for processing of wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn (maize), rice etc., into seed grain, including chemical treatment (dressing) and bagging.

Scales for weighing of grain, flour, starch, g111ten, semolina, fine bran, and similar.

Storage and weighing systems in small-scale for industrial bakeries and in cookie (biscuit) factories.

BUHLER, in the meantime has S11pplied seven mlmbers of Flour Milling Plant and Equipment having capacity between 50-200 t/24 hours in Bangladesh. All of them have been r1mning Q11ite satisfactorily and efficiently, although some of them have attained their age of 30-35 years.

These are :

01. Hasan Flour Mills        :  Capacity 120 tph/24
02. Fine Flour Mill        :  Capacity 50 tph/24
03. Fauji Flo11r Mills        :  Capacity 70 tph/24
04. Chittagong Flour Mills        :  Capacity 120 tph/24
05. Diamond Flour Mills        :  Capacity 120 tph/24
06. Rahman Flour Mills        :  Capacity 50 tph/24
07. Noorani Flo11r Mills        :  Capacity 200 tph/24

Manufacturing program:
Flour Mills
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Plants for Hulling Mills, the Vegetable Oil Industry and the Specialty Foods Industry
Pasta Production Plants
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